Pre-Six Steps

PERSONALIZE YOUR POWER — Before beginning, we explore the type of Starter we are.

Using Carl Jung’s 6 archetypes, we challenge our own assumptions to help us shape our values, our perspective, and to understand our personal strengths and challenges. The Sovereign, The Warrior, The Sage, The Mystic, The Lover, The Jester.

We test our personal tolerance for risk, as well as learn about the power of our own resilience, in addition to discovering how we hope to relate to others in both our personal and professional lives. What talk do we walk?

Finally, we look at our personal goals and aspirations, and seek to understand how we will strive to dovetail our Starter life with those things that matter most.


Take the Jung Personality Test, Meyers Briggs Test, or read Strengthfinder.

Identify 6 activities you love, that give you energy.

Identify 6 activities that you dislike, that take energy from you.

Journal or create a vision board that speaks of who you are in the world right now, and who you hope to be ongoing. The Artist’s Way is a great resource for self-discovery.


If you decide to Start Something, seek out a mentor to work with you through the process. This can be a person you know – a teacher, a neighbor, a friend. This person should be able to lead you to others who can help you on your journey. Then join us at, download the curriculum, and tell us what you are starting.

Along the way, you will check back in on your personal power to build your business with success. This knowledge of self will tell you how you lead, and who you need to be sure you succeed.


What have you learned about yourself? Do you think you are a Starter? Where are your strengths? Where are your challenges? What is your tolerance for risk?


Vision Boards