Founded in 1987, Klarbrunn started with the debut of its Sparkling Water.  First to the market and fresh from the start, Klarbrunn Sparkling Water paved the way with its naturally sourced bubbly water.  With flavors derived naturally from flavor essences and zero calories and zero sodium, there is no other product quite like Klarbrunn Sparkling Water, allowing it to make a name for itself as a healthy beverage option.

Klarbrunn Sparkling fans love to mix it up with an impressive portfolio of refreshing flavor combinations.  True to the spirit of Klarbrunn Sparkling, Collete Davis is known to mix it up!  You know her as the host of Girl Starter, but she also tears it up on the track as a professional rallycross driver and hits the gym with equal intensity.  She uses her platform in sports to influence empowerment initiatives and inspire women everywhere to pursue their passions.  Collete and Klarbrunn Sparkling are teaming up for the Share Your Sparkle promotion, giving young entrepreneurs everywhere a chance to win $10,000 to boost his or her passion and kick off a career as a Girl Starter!


Girl starters sparkle with klarbrunn

Collete Davis tells us why she counts on Klarbrunn to keep her going.


Klarbrunn with the girl starters