Girl Starter is a business-genre reality-competition TV show which documents eight girls ages 18-24 as they compete for seed-round funding. The series follows six steps of early-phase business building, from ideation through pitch, and features entertaining challenges, vibrant guest stars and a grand prize of $100,000 in funding and services.


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episode 5: training with the air force

episode 5: fran hauser on what investors look for

Previously, on Episode 5






vera bradley | it's good to be a girl | Darrel + brandy






episode 4: team COOKIES designs a bag





episode 4: bonin talks with the girls





Episode 3: the teams' presentations | tolli





Episode 3: The Teams' Presentations | Present





episode 2: Lola and Mollie's Great Adventure | SxSW with Visa




episode 2: Advice from the Judges

Tiffany Pham and Stephen Shapiro consult with the teams.


Next, on episode 6






episode 4: presenting VERA BRADLEY BAGS 





episode 4: team TOLLI designs a bag




episode 3: The Young Judges Deliberate





Episode 3: The Teams' Presentations | Conversation Cookies 




girl starter + AT&T | working virtually





episode 2: The Mime + the Merchant

To see Olli and Tiffany's trip to San Francisco, click here


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