Mollie Breen


Undefined Mathematician

Mollie Breen.jpg

As an Applied Research Mathematician at the Department of Defense by day, I strive to be an Undefined Mathematician in life. When a number is undefined, it is outside the scope of an equation, and I look to solve problems using unexpected means and recognize that achieving goals often means going about them in irregular ways. I graduated from Duke University in 2015 as a mathematics and computer science double major. In my free time, I enjoy sharing a meal, swapping clothes, and switching places with my identical twin sister, as well as exploring Washington, D.C. with friends. You'll often find me running on the National Mall or on the track with my running club, training for my next big race. Living life undefined is more than a math problem, it's a fearless and brazen mentality to not accept the world the way it is, but try and redefine it for the better.