Tiffany Carvalho


I'm an actress, singer, dancer, writer and creative mind from Queens, New York. I’m an eclectic person with a wide range of interests. I’ve played the clarinet, I’m a novice drummer, I LOVE going on food adventures, petting other people’s dogs, and I’ve recently gotten into taking bubble baths more

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Olli Payne


Born in 1995 in Lawrenceville, Georgia I was raised by four parents and step-parents who supported me and taught me positive moral values. My passion for small business stems from my love for creativity and ingenuity.

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Neha Raman


I always knew that I loved cosmetics ever since I started experimenting with my mom’s makeup. Years later, I still have that same passion for cosmetics which prompted me to start my first business, Rungh. With one product already on the market, Neha is determined to revolutionize the cosmetic industry.

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Mollie Breen


I am an Applied Research Mathematician for the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. I graduated from Duke in 2015 as a mathematics and computer science major. In my free time I enjoy sharing a meal, swapping clothes, and switching places with my identical twin sister Katie.

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Lola Faleti


A nanny, personal chef, and clothing designer, Lola Faleti took control of her life and turned it into a blossoming rose after it detoured from her visualized path. A radical self-care advocate and cat lover, she believes in always staying true to oneself and taking risks to be a success.

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Darrel Kennedy


I grew up moving around the country in an artistic household where my single mother ran a design firm so I got a firsthand look at how to be a #girlboss. I'm vibrant and always knew that I'd work for myself and that I’d change the world.

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Claire Coder


I am the founder and CEO of Aunt Flow; a buy-one, give-one subscription box for 100% cotton tampons and pads. If I'm not responding to emails, you can find me breaking it down to Macklemore, pretending I understand Google ads, and eating cookies.

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