Girl Starter’s mission is to educate girls and give them the power to reach their potential. Girl Starter is a new scalable, for-profit trans-media and technology company that uses the power of entertainment to activate girls in entrepreneurship and business leadership. 

Creating new media destinations across integrated platforms, the company will offer an exciting reality television series, a robust online community, game-ified apps, and a multi-city live tour. 

There will be inspirational, actionable content, and tools. This comprehensive, multi-pronged approach, provides various revenue streams for powering the entrepreneurial dreams of young millennial and generation z women. We want to improve the role models for women in media because we believe they have to "See it to Start it.” 

We will be airing our Girl Starter reality television show on TLC on April 28, 2017. The show and the platform will empower girls (18-24) to build their own businesses and compete for $100,000+ of seed money. The show will be filled with colorful entrepreneurs, charismatic investors and dynamic business leaders who will teach the girls and give them the scaffolding to make their ideas become a reality.